Timed Blows and Their Oppositions

301. Nowhere else should moderation and civility be recommended as much or as frequently as in a treatise that would be seen uncritically by the bloodthirsty. But that, examining with ones eyes open in the bosom of religion, humanity, and true politics, one acquires an investiture that makes him at the same time as manly, healthy, right, and generous, both in his aim and in the methods he employs for their achievement. For to the truth cannot be given a procedure more full of value and humanity than to take for ones vengeance of the greatest insult, the deprivation of the means of committing a crime to any that, dominated by anger, or prompted by some other passion which would ultimately reduce to a shameful repentance or perpetual torture of his conscience. Is it not a law as wise, as equitable of power, in defense of honor, life, or home, to deprive of existence whomever would obstinately conspire against our person? Since the skill, led by a christian prudence, finds still a resource to expand the effect of this natural prerogative, teaching the rules to pull from the hands of the aggressor the which they intend to deprive us of life.

302. And bringing no other utility to this exercise, should not that alone be one of the main branches of a useful and laudable education? Certainly there will be among men non who, adorned with a modicum of talent, and turned away from an effeminate character, do not subscribe to my opinion, or, better said, to that of all cultured nations ancient and modern; as there is not one that is not or has not been in possession of the scientific management of weapons. In this attention, to not lengthen this discourse further, I would refer those who want to take charge of the necessity and usefulness of this science to the chapter wisely written by the Marquis de Rada in his “Libra Primero de la Ciencia del Instrumento Armigero Espada,” omitting other wise authors.


  1. Conclusions on the Removals
  2. Conclusions on the Shots
  3. Conclusions on the Thrusts by the Sabre
  4. Hand Blows
  5. Timed Blows