First Battle

Thrust of First, Vertical Reverse, and a Thrust of Second

254. When the fighter observes his contrary waiting in the guard of fifth, choose with precision the defensive measure, offensive stance, and common guard, touching with the weak of your sabre, the strong of the contrary in the upper part. From this arrangement, throw a thrust of first, stepping deeply, opposing the right vertical, and without advancing the left foot. Be aware that all battles of this chapter begin with this thrust and guard.

255. The stated thrust is repaired with the removal of sixth, by virtue of which the wrist is uncovered to execute on it a vertical reverse, opposing the right collateral plane. Remove this reverse with high third, movement of square, in which removal the fighter finds the necessary disposition to inflict on the remover, a thrust of second, with the same motion of the planes as the enemy.

256.This last shot is repaired with fifth or low fourth. Instead of the final thrust, you could execute a half reverse to the leg.

Second Battle

Thrust of First, Diagonal Reverse to the Face, and the Same to the Knee

257. Suppose the removal of sixth with which the enemy repaired the first thrust was thrown with a step, and an advance of the left foot. Observe if the guard was lower than the shoulders. In this case, leave the line to the left side, execute a diagonal reverse to the face. But, if the guard is left at the supreme plane, go to the elbow.

258. Remove any of these offenses with high third, removing the left foot on your diagonal. After the formation of this parry is seen, inflict a cut to the same side, or a reverse to the knee. To free yourself from this wound, extend your leg enough, withdrawing one step to the rear, and the point of your sabre will be presented, directing it to the origin of your enemy’s arm at the same time.

Third Battle

Thrust of First, of Second, and a Vertical Cut

259.Under the removal of sixth with which the first thrust was repaired, repeat one of second, balancing to the rear at the time of freeing, and inclining to the front, and advancing a half step with both feet in the execution. Remove this thrust with the parry of second, moving to square. In virtue of the points that this remove uncovers form a vertical to the arm, shoulder, or head, which will be repaired with first or high third, recovering in the same time.

Fourth Battle

Thrust of First, Diagonal Reverse, and a Thrust of First

260. After the removal of sixth, with which the enemy has repaired the thrust of first that was thrown while stepping and advancing, execute, leaving the line on the left side, a diagonal reverse to the flank. This is repaired with second, removing the left foot on its diagonal, giving the point enough balance back, freeing for a new thrust of first, without omitting the profiling motion and inclination forward for its achievement.